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DMS Block provides Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) and is built on the premise that enterprises can benefit from a private permissioned based blockchain platform to have users easily access and share information while records/information management processes are automated and built into the platform. This includes version control, audit trails and report creation which states when documents were edited, uploaded/downloaded and by the user who has access to the platform

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A Private Blockchain is a safe and secure Information System

DMSBlock is a user-friendly platform that aligns these benefits in order for both Private and Public Enterprises to move forward with Blockchain technology successfully. By having a Private Blockchain environment, Enterprises control access permission to documents by both a folder and file level. With improved information and data integrity and transactions which cannot be “deleted”, DMSBlock has implemented an automated version control environment in order for the most up to date version is viewed by the user. In order to track previous versions, a History of each version can be displayed via a report in which the user can then view previous iterations. This enables the user(s) to track changes and provide audit reports to meet legal and compliance regulations.



Built from experience and research

DMSBlock was created to integrate Blockchain technology with Records and Information Management best practices.

Platform Features Summary
Permissioned Based Access
Mobile Access
Audit History/Digital Ledger
Digital Signature
View documents in the platform
Download/Upload Functionality
Platform Reports
Redline Editing
Automated Notifications
User Friendly Platform
Unlimited Storage Space
Single Source of Information
Security for data and records and information continues to be a key challenge for organizations and is more important then it has even been. Protect your information from being manipulated and create a single source of truth

Is our information safe on the cloud?

What happens if we get hacked?

Who has access to our information?

Can we get a report of who did what?

Is this the latest version?

Who has the latest version?


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